The Official Puffs Coloring Book

  Now you can color and design your own Puffs with The Official Puffs Coloring Book! * *Crayons and imagination not included.

Layla Puff and the Land of Letter Pals

  Two brand new Puffs arrive in Puffville but they don’t know their ABCs! Follow Layla Puff and her new friends as they go on an exciting journey to learn the alphabet! Be part of the adventure with Layla Puff and the Land of Letter Pals!

Super Puffs

  Dr. Dreadful wants to prove to the world that Puffs exist and he'll do anything to prove it including destroying Puffville! Will the Super Puffs be able to stop him? Find out in this first action packed issue made BY and For Puffs! Voted #1 comic in Puffville! Including advertisements for products and television shows that are only available in Puffville!

Puffs, the Princess and the Puffabricator

  Ever wonder where Puffs come from? Will Puffville ever have a Princess? What is the Puffabricator? Children learn that you never have to be jealous or envious of anyone because everyone brings something very special into this world. Join Layla Puff, Zack and Kayli in this wondrous, adventure story titled, Puffs, the Princess and the Puffabricator to find out!

The Show & Tell Rock Concert

  It’s Show & Tell Day in Kayli’s class and also in Puffville! At the end of this fun day, Razor the Rock Star Puff is going to put on a concert for everyone in Puffville but the Naughty Puffs plan on bullying him and ruining the show. Can the children and Puffs stand together, stop their bullying and save the concert? Find out in The Show & Tell Rock Concert!

C O N N E C T   W I T H    U S 

​The Naughty Puffs and the Incredible Shrinking Machine

  The Puffs invent a shrinking machine so Zack and Kayli can fit inside Puffville to go to the carnival but the Naughty Puffs are up to no good! Children and the Puffs learn that you should never steal or take anything that doesn't belong to you. This book also teaches children to stay in school and study hard. They realize that the Naughty Puffs aren't very smart because the REFUSE to go to school.

Welcome to Puffville

  Our first book in the Puffs series. Watch what happens when two children discover that imaginary creatures called Puffs are real! The children and the Puffs learn never to pre-judge anyone before you've had the chance to meet them, looks are not important and it's okay to be friends with someone even if they look a little different than you. They also learn the lesson of teamwork.

Christmas in Puffville

​  A special edition Holiday book! This charming story written in rhyme will delight children of all ages. Children and the Puffs learn a beautiful lesson about the holiday season. Spoiler Alert:  It's NOT just about getting presents! This book also introduces our new characters, The Naughty Puffs! They make it easier for children to learn right from wrong.